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Calu Rivero y una producción de desnudos que recorre el mundo

“Dignity” compartió varias fotos que hizo para una revista en la que está sin ropa y con otras mujeres.

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Is an honor to be the soul of vetiver @amencandles . Thanks Art Magazine for putting all together. I loved working with my sisters @katharina.kaminski & @sofia.fanego . Thanks @gurujagat . Our body’s are the best piece of art // Posted • @AMENCANDLES is a brand-new sustainable luxury candle company with products made of vegan wax oil in Grasse, France. Its recent launch around the globe was celebrated at top yoga studios. I find light… "In going with the flow and finding pleasure in everything I do" @lacalurivero "Inside me, around me, and in beautiful simple things" @sofia.fanego "Within myself" @katharina.kaminski "For time immemorial, humans have used the light emanating from candles to create sacred space for meditation, gratitude, and worship. The collaboration is created to inspire this depth of beauty in your daily life." @gurujagat @ramainstitute Photo by @kath.and.rodrigo Courtesy of @amencandles @gurujagat @lacalurivero @sofia.fanego @katharina.kaminski // Es para mi un honor ser el alma del vetiver @amencandles . Gracias @gurujagat . Gracias a la revista de arte por unir todo. Adoré crear con mis amigas Kat & Sof . Nuestro cuerpo es la mejor obra de arte ? //

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